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Wish I Could Be Cool About This

A reader from South Africa painted this
using the photo of flowers on my desk as inspiration.
So pretty, Karin!
As much as I try to be cool, 
I am still so thrilled 
about the 
Better Homes and Garden's 
article featuring our home this month.
My husband surprised me with framing the article!
I would have never done this 
(thanks, Honey--I just wish your handsome face was in it).

It's been fun having family and friends 
high fiving me about the story...and saying things like
"I've sat at that dining table!"
 Since I hung the framed story, both bulletin boards are now on one side which I like much more.
It inspired me to clean/organize my compact office.

What's that out the window?

Ding ding ding.
More happy people...every one smiles while riding the cable car.

Thanks for visiting!