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Five Tips To Freshen Your Décor

A few years ago I was wearing a
flowing black pant suit that 
I thought I looked fabulous in and my mom said 
"It's time to retire that outfit.  It's worn out."
The black was fading and the 
material was balling up
…I just didn't notice.
Hope the weather is like this on Saturday...
I put my photos like this and more on Instagram.

So, if you haven't already, take notice...

1.  Immediately remove those dusty, fake 
ivy plants on top of your kitchen cabinets.  
They really will look better.
2.  Group your collections together
My client grew up in the U.K. and loves her Portmeirion collection.  
So, we put it on display.

3.  Use baskets to add texture and neatness.
I might have messed up her organization by cuisine a tad
...but it looks prettier :)

4. Replace your foam pillow inserts with 
down/feather inserts or synthetic feather inserts.
These were made for Lisa who said "Mares, I want nice pillows!"
She calls me Mares.  
 You deserve the extra softness in your life.  
Right now.  
Chief appreciates a nice pillow…hey, get off there!

5.  Keep the lamp but replace the dirty or dated shade.  
Measure the existing one and check out
 Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn or Ballard Design
 (even Target--depending on where it's going).
I just realized that mine was in bad shape (stains)
when I took it over over to a client's 
for her to try out the scale. Above is a new one.

5.  Wash or Dry Clean Your Slipcovers
Yes, it's a pain...I get feathers coming out and it takes work
…but your sofa even smells fresher afterwards.
My representative from BSC furniture said if you want a tight
slipcover look, don't get it with the skirt…makes sense.
Or have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned.

I just washed our slipcovers to get ready for this party...
I also cleaned some ceiling lights and did some polishing…
June 21 is summer solstice --
lightest day of the year…sort of like a spot light on my housekeeping.

Decoration is really about
creating a quality of life and a 
in that life that
nourishes the soul,
that makes life beautiful.
That's what this is all about, 
not just what's in and what's out.
~Albert Hadley