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Vintage San Francisco Cocktail Party

On Saturday night, we had a 
Vintage San Francisco Couple's Shower
for our niece and her fiancé.
Our neighbors were away so we were able to use the elevator landing to set up a bar.  I was worried that our place would be too small for 40 guests, but it worked out well!
We also had balloons in the main lobby, which I forgot to photograph.

We bought flowers at the SF Flower Mart the day before
but had to pick up a couple bouquets the day of the party at
the grocery store as some had already started to droop.
Here I am with the hostesses.
The party attire was "black and white."

We had eight silver candelabras between the four of us.
I bought lots of tapered candles from IKEA.
I tucked extra ivy into the topiary ball 
on the right the right the day of the party.
(A little trick) but the topiary does 
seem to be coming back on its own with lots of new growth.

We picked up this customizable 
banner at Paper Source.

We rented two high top cocktail tables 
for the foyer and this 
turned out to be a cosy, popular spot!
Everyone signed this poster, 
also from Paper Source.
Although the couple lives in Portland, Oregon now, 
they lived and got engaged in San Francisco.

Janice made this delicious Spinach Dip 
with extra spinach and water chestnuts.

Thank heavens for John, the bartender.
My husband had this list of 
old fashioned drinks....
Which I typed up and framed.
Guess which was the most popular with the young crowd?
The Manhattan!
In fact, my husband had to run out for more Bourbon.
It was really fun to have these suggested "vintage cocktails."

We spread advice cards around with pens.

The party ended up being packed in a fun way...
and lots of loud music and dancing ensued 
until later than I had planned.
So, first thing in the morning, 
I made smaller bouquets and delivered 
them to the neighbors 
below and above us .
We'll be on good behavior now 
for the next several months :)

Congrats Katie and Carlo!