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Filming a Movie in Our SF Neighborhood

We were warned that an earthquake disaster movie entitled "San Andreas" was going to be filmed in our San Francisco neighborhood.  

  So, the evening before the actual filming, Tommy, Chief and I took a walk to see what they were up to.

 Chief wants to know if they need any "Extras."
They simulated the park's cement wall collapsing
See Alcatraz in the distance? 
It IS scary to have the threat of a major earthquake always a possibility.

Tommy and Chief climbed into a burned out fire truck before 
they were politely asked to get out by a security guard.

The next morning, I was glued to the window.
You can tell the guy in the blue shirt and the girl getting make-up applied are some of the main characters (they also had stand ins dressed the same).
The director is giving instructions and the cop gets a camera close up later.

They used the tennis courts (put up tarps...not sure why)
to apply "disaster" blood, dirt and dust to the extras.
Here is the cute couple coming down for the filming.

This is our slightly foggy view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Now they are about to film survivors leaving the City.
The director is telling them "don't look happy but don't look like zombies."  I can hear it all and wonder if anyone can look up and see me in the window still in my pajamas.
No...they are Actors... all traumatized.
They had to stop filming whenever the cable cars came through.
THAT had to be annoying and expensive.
   The people on the cable cars LOVED it. 

So, by this time, I'm sure I am losing your interest.
Watching the hundreds of people go up and down the street...
 "action...cut" then "action...cut" for two or three hours...
even I finally lost interest.

And then I made this healthy 
Oatmeal Yogurt Parfait
 This is great for a quick breakfast.  

Mix the night before you serve it. It keeps as long as the expiration date of the yogurt.
One 32 oz. container vanilla (not Greek) yogurt
2 cups plain uncooked oatmeal
1 small can can crushed pineapple, undrained
2/3 cup sliced almonds
Stir and serve in the morning with fresh fruit.
I have used sliced peaches, too.  Try a different fruit each morning. 
Howard and Tommy both like it.
My friend, Joann gave me the recipe 
along with this book that I just finished reading:
it's sad and heartwarming and a quick summer read.

PS.  The movie company has the 
neighborhood all cleaned up and back to normal.
My next post will be more about decorating :)
Thanks for visiting.