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Fourth of July in Our New Home

Howard, Tommy and I were feeling 
sorry for ourselves for not being in 
Newport Beach this year for the Fourth of July.

So, we woke up early and headed to the beach.  
No traffic at 7:30 am!
First stop, was Santa Cruz
where we watched the World Cup with a 
foggy view of the ocean.

But then...the fog cleared and
we went north to the charming town of Half Moon Bay.
It's filled with cute shops like Abode.

Fun candles.  I think this may be a Ballard Designs chair as I recognize the fabric.
It's comfortable!
has cool garden accessories and
aromatic teas.
The clay pot and saucer were $14 and 
my purchase was simply and 
artfully wrapped by the owner.
It's a pretty drive back to San Francisco.
But first we made a quick stop for $3.50/a bunch dahlias 
(just picked that morning from the field behind the stand), 
baby artichokes and fragrant peaches.

Nice treat on my desk!

The new plant (I added moss)
is in Tommy's room...
I'm almost finished decorating it.

Here is the before photo...it was a tough one!
But I like it now (so does Tommy).  
Just waiting for a couple things before I show you.

from the fruit stand for dessert.
Here it is ready to go in the oven
There were fireworks over the Bay...
the fog had rolled back in though and
partially obstructed our view.
But it was a great Fourth of July 
(even though we missed family 
and friends in Southern California)...
we made the best of what our new home has to offer!