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How To Make the Most of a Small Blue & White Bedroom

Space is at a premium in San Francisco.
You might have heard how the price of housing 
has skyrocketed in San Francisco
due to the advent of all the new internet
 industry millionaires and billionaires.

Here is our guest room BEFORE....
The shelves were messy and the two lower left units
were really shallow...just for paperbacked books.

Here is it now with the shelves made uniform and
canvas baskets added for extra storage
And hooks replace the narrow shelves.
This is also Tommy's room when he is home, 
as he is now doing a summer college internship.
How about this view from the bed?

Even though the room is small,
we needed to fit a 
queen sized bed in here for comfort.

The oil painting mirrors the shades 
of blue outside the window.
It's fun to add a little 
unexpected twist
like this basket pendant to a small room.
A white dresser and glass lamps 
recede into the white background 
in a small room.  Mirrors expand the space.
It's a snug and comfortable 
little blue and white guest room!

Check out what I made last night...
Fried chicken.  I've never made it before 
(even though my husband is from the South).
Just "winging" it…I dipped chicken thighs in 
flour, sea salt, paprika, and pepper,
then fried them in olive and canola oils.  
When they got crisp, I popped them in a 375 degree oven 
with meyer lemons for about 15 minutes.  
Then I sprinkled chopped Italian parsley on top 
(illusion of being healthy :) 
 To my amazement, with a sprinkle of the 
warm lemon juice on top, they were delicious.

I will list the bedroom sources in my next post.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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