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Summertime Beauty in San Francisco

I've gotten some feedback to what I thought was an upbeat post about the Fourth of July in the Bay Area.  All that fog and all.  

Debbie in Newport said "We had an empty house. Come stay with us next Fourth of July."  And Cathy emailed: "On behalf of all Bay Area natives, I truly apologize for the horrible summer weather!" 
The thing is…I LOVE San Francisco.

These are sites I see everyday...
Beauty is all around.

 Chief loves it here…
 they even have drinking fountains for dogs.
Dogs rule.
Tommy takes the cable car to work. 
Our "other car"...

 There is a "secret" walk that Chief and I take behind Ghirardelli Square... 
almost everyday with views like this.
Near the Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn Headquarters 

That is their building below on the right behind the white one.

We can walk over to North Beach

for a latté and feel like we've had a mini vacation in a foreign city.

And don't get me started on the amazing restaurants here…they are the reason I am not losing weight in spite of all the hills/stairs Chief and I are climbing.

There are cute, one of a kind shops, 
 like Glammic.
With happy people...

Slow news day...  "How do you feel about no cars on the crooked street today?"
"I dunno, man, I guest it's safer.  I heard cars can go down tomorrow."
 All different languages can be heard
 and every one is happy...
they are on VAY-CAY-SHUN!
It's contagious.

 And the fog does clear up.

 It's a thriving, stately, 
 creative, blessed city. 

The follow-up with sources to our
Small Blue and White Bedroom
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